Sensory-Motor Programs for Cognitive Effectiveness

These programs, activities, and organizations all use or promote the use of various sensory-motor activities to increase cognitive effectiveness.

The Alert Program
From the site: "An innovative program for children, teachers, parents, and therapists that uses sensory-based strategies to help individuals reach and maintain optimal alertness."

Brain Gym, Edu-Kinesthetics, Inc.
From the site: "Developmental experts have known for more than eighty years that movement enhances learning. Beginning in the 1970s, educator and reading specialist Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., researched these movements, simplified them, and created techniques to make them effective for everyone, developing a whole new way of understanding the learning process."

DORE Achievement Centers
From the site: "The Dore exercise program directly addresses the physiological source of your problem. Our exercises are individualized. They stimulate the cerebellum, a part of the brain shown to be integrally involved in learning and attention. The results typically include improved ability to learn (e.g. mental processing, concentration, and memory) as well as increased confidence and physical coordination."

Drumstick Spinology™
From the site: "The first book ever written and devoted to the subject of spinning (twirling) drumsticks: 'Healthystix' for Your Brain."

Fast ForWord®
From the site: "The Fast ForWord family of products use neuroscience
principles to create an optimal learning environment that enables you to:
Simultaneously develop multiple skill sets to maximize learning;
Identify reading and language difficulties;
Attack the underlying causes of these difficulties."

Interactive Metronome
From the site: "The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented process that challenges the patient to synchronize a range of hand and foot exercises to a precise computer-generated reference tone heard through headphones. The patient attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor actions. Over the course of the treatment, patients learn to: focus and attend for longer periods of time, increase physical endurance and stamina, filter out internal and external distractions, improve ability to monitor mental and physical actions as they are occurring, and progressively improve performance."

Journey to Wild Divine
From the site: "The Journey to Wild Divine is the first 'inner-active' computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness."

Play Attention
From the site: "The Play Attention Learning System is a patented advance of technology NASA astronauts and U.S. Air Force pilots use to stay attentive
in the cockpit. Now you can use this same technology in your home and Use Your Head® to overcome attention, concentration and focus issues."

Rhythmic Entrainment Institute
Generic and custom CDs developed around variations of rhythmic drumming that facilitate focus, relaxation, and/or well-being.

Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques
From the site: "The Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT) distributes information about auditory integration training (AIT) and other auditory-based interventions to professionals and parents."

Speed Stacks, Inc.
From the site: "Cup stacking is now the fastest growing new sport in the country. Participants stack and unstack twelve specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequences. Stackers race against the clock for fastest or best times. Stackers also compete on a relay team racing against another team in head-to-head competition. Increasing bilateral proficiency (equal performance on both sides of the body) develops a greater percentage of the right side of the brain, which houses awareness, focus, creativity and rhythm."


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