Magazines and Newsletters with Information on ADD

There are some great magazines and newsletters for those with ADD. The following are home sites for some of them, all of which are helpful and informative Web sites in their own right.

ADDitude Magazine

Attention! Magazine, comes with membership to CHADD

Focus Magazine, comes with membership to ADDA

About Attention Deficit Disorder, E-mail Newsletter from Eileen Bailey.
Lots of information and links to other sites. Keeps up-to-date with the latest news in the ADD world.

ADD ADHD Advances, E-mail Newsletter from Dr. Anthony Kane.
Information on conventional and alternative treatment options.

ADDvance, E-mail Newsletter from Drs. Patricia Quinn and Kathleen Nadeau.
A site dedicated to the needs of women and girls with ADD.

ADHDnews, E-mail Newsletter from Brandi Valentine.
Started in 1995. Lots of information that is continually updated.

All Kinds of Minds, E-mail Newsletter from Dr. Mel Levine.
Resources and information about learning disabilities.


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