Fidget for Grown-Ups

These are sites with fidgets and fun stuff for grown-ups.

ADD Consults
The first and only virtual online ADD clinic. Includes an online store with a selection of fidgets.

Micro Egg Timer
From the site: “This unique little timer can help you not to forget the world around you while sitting at the PC. It has a simple and friendly user interface and can be set with just a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes.”

The Orb Factory
From the site: “The Orb Factory Ltd. is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of innovative toys, craft kits, puzzles, and educational products. Our mandate is to offer our customers a clear alternative to existing toy offerings through the quality of our designs, the play value, and educational content of our products.”

Star Magic Space Age Gifts
The coolest source of fidget toys for adults that we know of. Be sure to check out the "Executive Toys" section!

Trainers Warehouse
The "Toys for Learners" section of this site also has good fidgets.


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